Beauty from within is an artwork


内 在 美


An experience like no other 

Inner Beauty is a reflection of the unique beauty of every woman. It is an immersive experience where the artwork is crafted from your inner self. You are not simply part of the process, you are at the centre of Inner Beauty from choosing locations, personal styling, capturing the images and choosing your selection.

Your exclusive gallery opening

The truly unique aspect of Inner Beauty is your experience culminating in an exclusive gallery opening where your chosen portrait will be unveiled for the first time. Your large format print is on the finest non-reflective art quality paper, acrylic mounted, and then crafted into a custom-made floating frame. This stunning print and frame is worthy of the priceless memory and work of art.

The Inner Beauty experience

The Inner Beauty experience is built entirely around a work of art that reflects your confidence, life experience and how it translates into that art.

The experience includes:

  • Pre-photoshoot meeting
  • Half day photography session
  • Hair and makeup artist
  • Post-photoshoot meeting to select final images
  • Selection of single feature portrait
  • Custom art gallery quality print and framing
  • Exclusive art gallery opening event  


Marcus Reubenstein is an internationally recognized photographer and artist who has travelled extensively across China capturing the lives of ordinary Chinese people. His work has been chronicled in print in his book “Moments in Time” and has been exhibited at galleries in Australia, including as an official partner event for Sydney’s 2019 Chinese New Year festival.

He has been featured by both Chinese and English language media in Mainland China and Australia, and his work has been profiled in leading art publications Art Collector Magazine and Art Almanac.

His work in China has been widely celebrated for the empathy he shows for the Chinese people and his ability to reflect their lives in his photographs.   

Inner Beauty Testimonials

“Being part of Inner Beauty was a truly amazing experience. Marcus was able to gain my trust and he did not disappoint, the whole day revolved on what was important to me. I now have a work of art to treasure for a lifetime”

June Liu

“I know Marcus’s work as an artist, and the importance he places on capturing the true soul of his subjects, I had confidence in this project the moment I heard about it and am delighted with the outcome.”

Vivienne She

“It is always nervous to meet somebody for the first time and trust them to produce an artwork that reflects your true self. Marcus spent time with me to find out what my portrait meant to me and that made all the difference.”

Virginia Chien

Media Testimonial